Play Backgammon for Free Online

Americans love to play backgammon for free since this is a title that many people remember from childhood. Though it seems that there aren't many people who remember the rules, an internet venue is a great place to meet others who share the passion for it.

The Basics

This is likely the oldest documented free skill game in history as it can be dated back some 5,000 years. While it is certainly not hard to learn, it is always challenging since everyone has his or her own strategy and process for moving the checkers off the board.

Single Games

The single options are by far the most popular online since they don't require people to invest hours. Essentially, a single game between two opponents takes place. In non-paid versions, credits are used rather than cash and the stakes are agreed upon by both players, the doubling cube, and the type of win.

Match Options

Matches in backgammon are much like tournaments in that a 'match' is a set number of games between the same two players. To win, one of the individuals must reach a predetermined point total, and the amount that is won is set by multiplying the amount on the doubling cube by the type of win.

Learning the Ropes

The ability to play backgammon for free on the internet poses a great opportunity for those who are new to it. People do not have to spend any money to learn the ropes, and many sites even offer up tutorials or 'teaching sessions' that will guide individuals through the first few games.

Real Money Options

Of course, those who are confident in their backgammon skills can find a host of venues out there that allow for single games and tournaments on a paid basis. In these cases, payouts are often predetermined and only the top three, five or 10 winners receive a payout at all. Of course, two players are always welcome to put up their money against one another.

Finding a Venue

Finding a venue at which to enjoy this title is simple with a basic internet search. Those who want to play risk-free games have dozens of options available to them, but those who are interested in real-money titles will need to fine-tune their searches a bit.

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