Looking For An Easy Way To Play Blackjack? Here's 3 Simple Rules!

When learning how to play the game of Blackjack the player will need a strategy already in place as they will have to make decisions on virtually every hand. The decision made could be the difference between losing and winning!

A basic Blackjack strategy evolves around reducing the house edge to as little as possible and should be able to offer sound mathematical reason as to why one should either Stand or take a Hit.

Even if one would like to learn card counting, which is something that can be quite useful when playing online, such an understanding will still be required as otherwise one still won't know what action to take when particular cards are dealt!

With a simple strategy the odds in one's favor will not be as good as a more complex complete strategy, but having something one can remember is more reassuring than having nothing and more profitable as well. With that in mind let's keep it simple and still keep it fun!

If the dealer has been dealt a 2 or a 3 card, the player needs to hit until they've at least 13. Once 13 or above has been reached, stand as the dealer is now in a weak position.

If the dealer has been dealt a 4, 5 or 6, things are even rosier for the player as they're in an even better position. They can now stop hitting as soon as they reach 12.

If the dealer draws himself anything between a 7 and the Ace card, one will need to hit until they have reached 17 or higher.

Just memorizing these 3 simple little rules will improve one's Blackjack game greatly and the house edge will be reduced to around 2%. So where's best to play?

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Go to the casino tab at the top of the home page and it will not only list all the casinos that are recommended for Canadian players, but also the gaming software that is available. Try them today and pick one of these casinos and start practicing now! See how simple this is and above all, have fun!

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