How to Play War

Many people have played War strategy games since childhood. All it really requires is a single deck of cards. Adding the ability to wager on the outcome of any given hand changes it from something basic to a title that is regularly enjoyed in casinos. This online skill game is simple. The dealer and the player each lay down one card and the "trick" is awarded to the person whose card is of higher value, with Aces being the highest valued card and 2s being the lowest. If both are of the same value, each participant will 'go to war' which doubles the bet and potentially the loss as well.

Break A Tie

If both users place the same card face up, then they have to go into battle. Each person has to place three cards face down and one face up. Whoever has the highest one facing gets to take all those that were laid on the table, including the ones that were originally tied.

Bet to Win

A regular win is paid out at 1:1, which can accumulate quickly and disappear just as fast depending on the whims of what happens to turn up. Betting on a tie pays out at 10:1, but a general rule of thumb is to never bet on a tie. Surrendering when faced with a tie returns half the bet to the user.

House Edge

These games generally have a fairly low house edge, but that all depends on the casino that the user is visiting. Most tie bets have a house edge of 2.8% when wagering on a tie or 3.7% when surrendering. Microgaming's version of the title has a house edge of 18.65%, which makes the odds much worse for the gambler.

All Grown Up

War strategy games are considered by many to be primarily for children. Kids would shuffle and split the deck in half, and would continue to play until one of them owned everything available. This could go on for hours, especially if one kid managed to get their hands on a couple of Aces.

Where to Find it

Almost all online casinos offer some form of this title now, and it is very popular because of its simplicity. As mentioned before, the house edge will vary from venue to venue, so it may be a good idea for gamblers to do a little research before placing that first wager.

Have Fun!

Most people play War strategy games when they are looking for something simple and fun, or perhaps are just feeling slightly nostalgic about their childhood. Whatever reason they have for choosing this title, it is easy to find, easier to play and almost always entertaining. This is not something that people generally take seriously, and people will probably not find any tournaments in the near future. In spite of this, there are always people looking to play a quick hand or two of War, if just to pass the time.

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