How to Play Dominoes

Most people who pick up a box of dotted tiles have the instant urge to build a tower with them, and many are not aware that there are actually rules to be followed. The dominos online game is actually a skill game event that requires math, strategy, and patience, but it is not as difficult as people might think.


The rank of each domino is easy to determine and this can be done simply by looking at the spots on either end. There are a number of different styles, and each is defined by the highest denomination. Most basic sets go up to 6, but there are others that go up to 9, 12, or even 15.


The round is started by each participant drawing 7 or 9 individual pieces from the mixed stock. Those that are not selected are moved aside and now make up the Boneyard. The person who draws the largest double, or the tile with two sides having the same number of pips, always goes first. In an online setting, participants can click and drag the pieces that they wish to draw, or simply click 'Auto Draw.'

How to Progress

The first individual lays any piece that he or she chooses onto the field, or board. The next person must place a tile that has the same number of pips as one end of the initial one. If this isn't possible, the player must draw from the Boneyard until receiving one that he or she can use. On the internet, those that are eligible for use will be highlighted and those that are not are grayed out.

How to Score

Participants are given points each time they make a move that increases the total of open-ended pips by a multiple of five. Also, individuals are given points at the end of each turn by totaling up the total number of pips in their opponent's hand. In a dominos online game, this is all handled by the computer so that individuals just need to worry about playing their best.

Time Limits?

Participants can choose to add a time limit to the game which limits the amount of time that each participant can spend per hand. Much like speed chess, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage, as people tend to make more desperate moves when they are running out of time.

Dominos for Money?

While most people associate the online dominos game with those they played in childhood, there are a growing number of establishments that offering matches and tournaments for people willing to wager real money. This is a simple and entertaining game, but there are some aspects that many people do not even know of. A quick read of the rules on any website or any box of tiles can usually fix that, but it will take some practice to get really good at it, and probably even longer to get good enough to win any money.

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