Play Royal Rummy for Free Online

Americans certainly love their card games, and this is likely why so many of them flock to online venues that allow them to play Royal Rummy for free. This is one of the first and only websites out there that allows for real-time multiplayer tournaments and more.

What the Site Offers

Because this loved classic is one that is generally played with anywhere from two to six players, it is certainly difficult for players to learn the rules on their own. This is why Royal Rummy exists! Even though players from France, the US and Israel can no longer enjoy the paid version, they can still play Royal Rummy for free at this venue.

The Objective

This is one of many free skill games that can be found online, and the objective is to form sets of matching cards that have either the same face values or that create what is known as a 'run', which is much like a straight of the same suit in a poker game.

Dealing, Drawing and Discarding

In a two player version, each player receives 13 cards. However, for more than two, only seven cards are dealt per person. Afterwards, one card is turned up; this is the discard pile. Each person may draw from the shoe or from the discard pile on each of his or her turns in an attempt to create sets or runs. Then, at the end of the turn, that individual must discard one of his or her own cards.


Perhaps the best strategy for this title is timing the 'lay-down' of the runs and sets. There are many players who will not show their opponents anything in their hands until the time they can go out, or discard the last card in their hands. Other players claim that it is best to lay down several times throughout the game in order to avoid being set back, which simply means that the person is caught with a lot of points in his or her hand when another goes out.


When one person goes out, everyone at the table compares the cards he or she has played with the cards remaining in his or her hand. Anything remaining in the hand counts against the player whereas the individuals receive points for runs and sets that are not cancelled out. In its most traditional form, face cards are valued at 10, twos through nines have a value of five, and Aces count as either five or 15.


In conclusion, this is a fantastic offering that is popular in America, and now players can go online and enjoy the game in a multiplayer setting without any risk or cost.

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