Think You're Skilled? Bet For Real Cash

There are many reasons why so many Americans choose to play skill games for money. Of course, these offerings should not be confused with those that are offered in online casinos. A skill game is something along the lines of chess, rummy, backgammon and others that rely more on strategy and thought than luck.

What is the Difference?

First and foremost, a game of skill is one in which some sort of thought or strategy is needed to win. After all, you can't simply win a game of chess because you got lucky; you have to know how to play and put some serious logical thought into it. If a chess player beats another chess player, this occurs because one player is better at strategizing than the other. Americans play games of skill for money because they are good at them and they have a real chance to win. But Canadians give great opportunities to play the most challenging casino games for free. How? By offering the most incredible no deposit bonus deals for all types of games. Read more about it here.

Getting Lucky

Conversely, games of luck are those in which no talent or thought whatsoever is truly needed to win or lose and the only decision the player needs to make is the amount that will be wagered per spin, hand, or roll. For instance, a slot machine is an option that requires no special knowledge as it relies solely upon luck. The player simply inserts money and hopes for the best.

Legal Issues

Because online skill games for money are considered to be more player-friendly than their chance-laden counterparts, there are many countries that allow such online 'gambling' - if it can be called that - to occur. However, in the United States, all types of wagering money in online venues is considered 'gambling' and is legislated by the UIGEA. Of course, there are still some venues offering these games that extend invitations to American players.

For the Professionals

Believe it or not, there is no shortage of professional players who have made a fortune playing these options. Because thought and logic are required to win, people from all walks of life practice these offerings religiously in hopes of winning big. To date, millions of dollars have been awarded to these individuals collectively, and some people have won millions in their own lifetimes.

Determining a Game of Chance

When a government determines whether or not the outcome of a particular offering is dictated by chance chance, there are several things that are considered. Predominance, material element and chance tests are all used when making this determination. Essentially, with these three tests, governments can determine whether or not the outcome is affected more than just slightly by the element of chance. If so, it may be deemed illegal in an online forum.


In conclusion, it is better to play skill games for money than to spend countless hours throwing hard-earned dollars at Lady Luck. These options give players a much better shot at winning since they can actually hone their abilities and learn how to win out over the competition.

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